Heather Matarazzo and Peaches Christ Present ‘Welcome To The Dollhouse’

From SFist

Heather Matarazzo and Peaches Christ Present ‘Welcome To The Dollhouse’
by Brock Keeling
Saturday, December 26, 2012


Well, goddamn. Leave it to Christ to have us all looking forward to 2013. On February 8, both Peaches Christ(noted filmmaker/curator) and Heather Matarazzo (actress) will join throngs of Dawn Weiner lookalikes for what we imagine will be the first-ever cult screening of Welcome to the Dollhouse.

If you haven’t seen Todd Solondz’s much-loved breakthrough film yet, shame on you. Check it out if you can.Welcome to the Dollhouse, we should point out, is both a comedy and a horror flick — not to mention arguably more disturbing than The Human Centipede and Irréversible combined. It’s about an exceptionally awkward 12-year-old New Jersey girl and her life at home and at school. And yet so much more. Over the years, Weiner has turned into a hero for many, even if life didn’t get better for poor Dawn. In the 2004 quasi-sequel Palindromes, [SPOILER ALERT] she commits suicide.

Part of SF Sketchfest, Christ and Mararazzo will preface the screening with an in-conversation appearance at the Castro Theatre, followed by a costume contest, onstage rock show by house-band Zbornak as “The Quadratics,” and more.

What: Welcome To The Dollhouse: The Peaches Christ Experience W/ Heather Matarazzo In-Person
When: February 8, 2013
Where: Castro Theatre (Market & Noe), S.F.
Cost: $20

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