San Francisco’s 9th Annual Sketchfest

From SF Literacy Examiner

January 18, 2010
By Mercedez Gonzalez


There is nothing strange about Weird Al Yankovic. On the contrary, his contribution to modern popular culture over the past 30 years indicates his relevancy and ability to remain in the game. His musical satires, humorous and harmless, are a creative expression of a sweet natured person from sunny suburban California who is simply happy doing what he does best. Thus his life’s work is purely a gift of the healing arts.

A few years younger and from Massachusetts, the other side of the country, Conan O’Brien also from a suburb bares delight in a myriad form. Whereas Yankovic pokes fun at celebrities, O’ Brien dares to make people laugh at cultural norms at large. It is a rare moment to witness O’ Brien seriously moved as he is always “on” and yet they are both capable of moving audiences to happy tears with their clarity of American social cultural customs past or present.

It is why they and all comedic lineups at San Francisco’s 9th annual Sketchfest, are very much loved and respected in their work to date. Their creativity is genius in which it makes people feel good about things they may not have always felt good about or even noticed. Like a court jesters in ancient times, they have the ability to mirror behavior that would otherwise be unquestioned and perhaps even influential right or wrong. Catch these great stand-up performances playing at various venues and check the schedule which runs through February 2nd. Tickets are available online.

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