Our Weekly Pics #2

From SF Bay Guardian

January 27, 2010
By Sean McCourt

SF Sketchfest presents Cinematic Titanic: Danger on Tiki Island

Starting out as a late-night show produced at a small, local television station and gradually building its way up to cult favorite status, Mystery Science Theater 3000 endeared itself to fans with wacky, intelligent humor. Following the adventures of a man marooned in space, his only companions a group of wisecracking robots and a seemingly neverending supply of B-movies to watch and make fun of, the show featured the talents of Joel Hodgson, Trace Beaulieu, J. Elvis Weinstein, Mary Jo Pehl, and Frank Conniff. The creative forces behind the show have regrouped under the name Cinematic Titanic. Tonight, they’ll be skewering the 1968 atomic monster flick Danger On Tiki Island live on stage as part of the closing night of SF Sketchfest. (Sean McCourt)

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