Best of San Francisco: Best Comedy Nights

From SF Weekly

May 19, 2010


Of all the festivals in the city, Sketchfest is the most crucial, the most necessary, and — don’t underestimate this one — the most funny. It creates its own weather. All year long, the comedy scene goes from low simmer to low boil: a few stages, a few hyped locals, a steady influx of touring vets, but nothing spectacular. Then comes the multiweek Sketchfest, and suddenly we’re ground zero, nationwide, for comedy. And we know it. Earlier this year, nearly 200 performers or troupes appeared, and part of the genius is in the scheduling: Multiple shows occur each night, adding a whole “Are you seeing the funniest thing?” mystery to the proceedings. The other genius part is fest directors David Owen, Cole Stratton, and Janet Varney’s ability to lure stars, including Monty Python vets, every member of Kids in the Hall, countless Daily Show reporters (save Jon Stewart — maybe next year?), all the kings of alt-comedy, and enough locals to keep everyone happy.

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