Aziz Ansari At The Punch Line

From SFist

January 25, 2006
By Eve Batey

One of Aziz Ansari’s flagship jokes involves our publisher Gothamist. The opening sentence of an interview with Aziz described him as, “the nerdy guy you went to high school with, and doesn’t do too much to negate that image once he takes the stage.”

Aziz’s proactive approach to counter this possible image marring bit of PR was to implore his fans to post on their blogs and websites “Aziz Ansari is a f**king badass” up to the point when people begin to google his name, the system will ask, “did you mean, Aziz Ansari is a f**king badass?”

It was a delight to see Aziz, who recently performed at the Punch Line, as part of the SF Sketechfest, but also as his maiden performance in San Francisco. We were fans of Aziz since about July, when we found a link to the series of web-shorts he did with Rob Huebel (that’s the inconsiderate cell phone man to you), Shutterbugs, about two movie agents (Ansari and Huebel) who represent toddlers in the cut-throat world of Hollywood. Some may even say it is because of Shutterbugs our obsession with Channel 101 and Channel 102 (site where Shutterbugs was hosted) blossomed.

What impressed us about his performance was the multimedia approach to his stand-up, with projector in tow, he opened up his set up by showing all three episodes of Shutterbugs, and showing a video of him blasting “the sh*ttest mixtape ever made” in Manhattan, to playing a recording of a phone conversation between him and his mom on why he punched a wall.

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