Valley Meadows

Valley Meadows is the duo of Gary Schishynszenski (Chris Knutson) and MC Tom Johnson (Zach Coulter). The pair combine hilarious lyrics and high-energy stage antics with the bangin’-est beats to blow minds throughout the land. Where Bob and Doug MacKenzie meet Tenacious D, Valley Meadows emerges, fly enough to score in loafers and man enough to croon ballads about the rain. They recently released their debut, self-titled album on Stand Up! Records. Knutson is the winner of Acme Comedy Company’s 2010 Funniest Person Contest and Coulter is the winner of the 2011 ABSOLUT Funniest Comedian Contest.


SF Sketchfest in the Mission
Friday, February 8th, 8pm, The Dark Room
Sunday, February 10th, 8pm, The Dark Room