Up Up Up!

Up, Up, Up!’s been performing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre for three years, they’ve written and performed for TV and stuff, and they’ve won a bunch of awards, probably.

Up, Up, Up! is:

Jack “Crack-A-Lack” Allison
Nathan “Barnstorm” Barnatt
Courtney “Half-Court” Davis
Becky “Bo-Bo” Feldman
Joe “Joey” Hartzler
Meghan “Parks and Rec” Parks
Scott “Buck” Rodgers “in the 25th Century”
Matty “Evan” Smith
Evan “Wild Man” Susser
Angela “TIMBER!” Trimbur
Jessica “Dubya” Williams

Directed by Tim “Kalpakis” Kalpakis


SF Sketchfest in the Mission
Friday, February 1st, 10pm, The Dark Room
Saturday, February 2nd, 8pm, The Dark Room