Time Capsule

Time Capsule is a sketch comedy group based out of Los Angeles where they perform as a house team at iO West. All sketches are written and performed by Carolyn Blais, Dan Heber, Rob O’Connor, Jillian Saint, Linnea Snyder, Paul Straw, Ray Timmons, and Sophia Zolan, and directed by Keith Saltojanes. Their love of up-beat and off-beat comedy has lead to continuous sold out houses in LA and a following on both YouTube and Funny or Die. These good friends have developed a rapport that’s great fun to watch live, so come check out Time Capsule perform some comedy worth preserving!


Dark Room Showcase
Saturday, February 8th, 8pm, Dark Room BUY TICKETS

Jamie Kilstein and John Fugelsang Debate the Existence of God
Sunday, February 9th, 8pm, Eureka Theatre BUY TICKETS