Norwegians of Comedy

Martin Beyer-Olsen and Lars Berrum invite you to their unpredictably absurd comedic universe of stand up, music and skin bag moms. Fresh from Norwegian TV with the first season of ” Berrum & Beyer – The Worlds Greatest Talkshow” and their live show ”Norwegians Of Comedy”, Martin and Lars are shooting stars of the alternative comedy scenes in Scandinavia and the UK. True, they are critically acclaimed and multi-award winning comedians in Norway, but what does that matter? After all, the entire country of Norway only has the same population as the state of Wisconsin. In addition to performing, they’re also impresarios of unconventional comedy in Norway, running the infamous Crap Comedy Festival every January in Oslo — a festival celebrating the funniest cutting-edge alternative comedians from around the world such as Reggie Watts, Eddie Pepitone, Will Franken, Todd Barry, Eugene Mirman+++ and hosting Oslo’s alternative comedy club ”Loco Tuesdays” at The Central Theatre.

Martin´s been a writer/actor in Norways SNL, Torsdag Kveld Fra Nydalen, hosted Martin Beyer-Olsen Live on NRKP3 (Norways BBC) headwriter for several comedyshows on radio, and written/acted for Norways biggest political satireshow on radio “Hallo i Uken”.

Lars has hosted and written the absurd talkshow “Celebrity Talk” (Kjendisprat in Norwegian), and been the sidekick in MBO LIVE.


“The Norwegians of Comedy” is more of a misnomer, if you will, a comedic red herring, rather than an apropos title for what Lars Berrum and Martin Beyer-Olson bring to the Dali-esque table of surrealist comedy. A more fitting marquee might read “The Left Hook” for that’s precisely what the show is. Rather than perpetuate the European equivalent of banal tourist comedy with trite observations on the differences between Norway and whatever host country happens to be lucky enough at that moment to host this brilliant duo, Martin and Lars run rampant as unbridled ids, letting loose their uninhibited subconsciouses to hilarious effect. Nothing transcends national borders quite as well as the language of the bizarre. For irregardless of nationality, it takes a universally crazed mind to conceive of such absurdities as Lars’ faux sentimentality over his turbulent relationship with his black skin bag mother or Martin’s inspired lip-synching to a YoutTube clip extolling the healing virtues of Epsom Salt. With a hat tip towards the relative valuation of their own currency, the pair even demonstrate an anarchic audacity in treating the audience to free Norwegian kroner afterwards. So with all this weirdness to be unveiled, why have this gifted duo opted for such a traditional title? “Well,” they respond, “For some reason, it gets people in the door.” Whatever it takes. These guys deserve to be seen. Scandinavia’s, or maybe even Europe’s answer to “Tim & Eric”

“I saw Lars in Norway do some of the most outrageous edgy standup i have seen in years. It’s hip, and so absurd. The americans will be amazed. His fellow comics were also so good that i was like ‘shit I should be in norway more often.”
– EDDIE PEPITONE, comedian.

“They´re so funny, they must be Killed!”
– SCOTT CAPURRO, comedian


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