Michael McMillian

Michael McMillian is one of the few actors today who has created a substantial career across film, television, and online outlets in addition to doing voiceover work to a number of video games. His work spans across diverse roles in comedy and drama, including characters from many different eras across time and space. Spotted and signed by an agent after a senior class showcase at his alma mater, Michael’s career took off upon graduating from the School of Drama at Carnegie Mellon University in 2002. While young audiences remember Michael as the sweet and endearing Henry Gibson from “What I Like About You.” he is best known for playing Steve Newlin on “True Blood.” In addition to acting on the show, Michael is an avid writer and co-authored the second installment of comic books based on the series produced by IDW publishing and HBO. Furthermore, he is the creator and writer of the comic book “Lucid,” a high concept spy genre story that interweaves occult mythology in a parallel universe. To attest to Michael’s versatility and range as an actor, his lead role in the independent film “Dorian Blues” arose critical acclaim, as he played a young man struggling with his family’s reaction to his coming out. Other feature credits include but are not limited to: “Dimples,” “The Hills Have Eyes II,” “Men of Valor,” “Imagine That,” “Half-Dragon Sanchez” and most recently, “The Banshee Chapter.” Though his series regular role on “True Blood” has garnered him a lot of attention, Michael has also appeared in television series “Hot in Cleveland,” “Emily Owens M.D.,” “House of Lies,” “Rockville, CA,” “Scrubs,” “Saved,” “Big Love,” “Without a Trace,” “What I Like About You,” “Veronica Mars,” “Miracles” and “Firefly” to a name a few.


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