Maria Thayer

Maria Thayer stars with Chris Elliott in the Adult Swim comedy series “Eagleheart,” which began airing on February 3, 2011 on Cartoon Network. Thayer appeared in season four of “Arrested Development” in flashback scenes as Tracey Bluth.

In “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” Thayer plays a Mormon newlywed on her honeymoon with her new husband, played by Jack McBrayer. Thayer and McBrayer reunited on an episode of “30 Rock” in which she portrays Kenneth Parcell’s blind, shallow love interest. She also played Grace and Leo’s daughter, Lila (at age 18), in the series finale of “Will & Grace.” In 2009, Thayer appeared in the film “State of Play” as Sonia Baker, the researcher and mistress of a congressman, played by Ben Affleck.


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