John Moe

John Moe, the host of “Wits,” has a long and varied career in public radio as well as comedy. Moe served as host of “Marketplace Tech Report” and “Weekend America,” both national programs heard on public radio stations. His reporting and commentary has been heard on “All Things Considered,” “Marketplace,” “Day to Day,” and numerous other public radio programs. Moe is the author of “Conservatize Me: How I Tried to Become a Righty with the Help of Richard Nixon, Sean Hannity, Toby Keith, and Beef Jerky” (2006) and a forthcoming humor book. His writing has appeared in numerous humor anthologies, the New York Times Magazine, and McSweeney’s, among many other publications. John has been a lead singer in rock bands, a writer of video games, an editor at, and he once got fired for washing dishes the wrong way.


Wits with John Moe
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