Goatface Comedy

Four friends who realized they could do something special were they to combine forces. A decision which was heavily influenced by the success of Captain Planet and The Power Rangers.

Asif Ali is a leader and innovator. He hopes his photo becomes a painting someday. He does standup, improve and acting. AMERICA.

Fahim Anwar is a standup comedian, writer, actor and dancer. He doesn’t know why he can dance and thinks it’s just as weird as you do. He has been on TV but more importantly, Youtube. He used to be an aerospace engineer at Boeing but now he does comedy full time. His parents are concerned.

Aristotle Athiras loves to do stand up. Aristotle Athiras loves to make movie and shors. Aristotle Athiras loves to act. Aristotle Athiras is not so fond of making bios.

Hasan Minhaj does the same thing as the other three members of Goatface. He also has acted alongside Raven Symone. That shit was hella Raven. In his space time he enjoys air horns and Rick Ross grunts.


SF Sketchfest in the Mission
Saturday, February 9th, 10pm, The Dark Room
Sunday, February 10th, 8pm, The Dark Room