Efren Ramirez

Efren Ramirez has been a professional actor for 16 years. Initially, his career consisted of guest star appearances on television, as he appeared in diverse roles on “E.R.”, “American Dad”, “Judging Amy”, “The District”, “Madtv”, and “Scrubs”.
However, it was his iconic portrayal of Pedro in the feature film “Napoleon Dynamite” that elevated Ramirez to celebrity status. To this day, his image can be found all around the world on “VOTE FOR PEDRO” t-shirts worn by people of all ages. Whenever Efren appears at public events, legions of Pedro fans converge for a glimpse of their hero.
Moving from Pedro was effortless for this gifted young actor. In the years since that film was released, Efren Ramirez has appeared in scores of films and television shows, including leading roles in the HBO film “Walkout”; with Edward James Olmos, “Employee of the Month”; opposite Dane Cook and Dax Shepard, “Crank” and “Crank II High Voltage;” opposite Jason Statham, (playing his own twin brother in the sequel). He also appeared in “Gamer” with Gerard Butler, “When in Rome” with Kristen Bell and the indie two-character dram “Crossing the Heart” opposite Kris Kristofferson.

Most recently, he has been seen as a member of the cast of the HBO hit series “Eastbound and Down” with Danny McBride, starring opposite Will Ferrell in the film “House of My Father”, and reuniting with the full cast from the original film “Napoleon Dynamite” to voice the role of “Pedro” in FOX TELEVISION’S animated series “Napoleon Dynamite.”

Efren Ramirez currently resides in Los Angeles. When he isn’t filming, he is spinning records as a guest D.J. in clubs all across the country. He has published his first book “Direct Your Own Life.” Efren recently returned from a USO Tour visiting our troops in Bahrain, UAE, Dubai, and Africa. He frequently speaks to students at high schools and universities and is very involved with charitable organizations.


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