Crossing The Chasm from Theater to Life: Alan Arkin Improvisation Workshop

This workshop isn’t just for actors, neither is it about being a standup comic.  Its about re-awakening the sense of play and abandonment we all had when we were kids and remembering how to be authentic in imaginary situations. That doesn’t mean we give up having fun, or forgetting about creating wonderful and imaginative scenes, but it does mean letting go and allowing the characters we play dictate where a scene wants to take us spontaneously without a lot of intellectualizing. Part of what the participants will learn is how through simple exercises to quickly and easily find and develop their own characters.  It also means functioning in a group situation so that we are supporting the work of the other participants and not just making points.  It means reconnecting with the important work of play.  But most of all it means having a hell of a good time.


Saturday, February 8th & Sunday, February 9th, 10am-6pm at Gallanter Hall at JCCSF