Carlos Rodriguez

Carlos brings a clever, silly and approachable voice to comedy. His observational humor touches beyond common daily occurrences to deep-rooted memories of his childhood, view on the simplest ideas, and the most offbeat subject matter. Carlos was voted 2013 best comic in Sacramento, he has won 2012 CSA Comedy competition,  been a finalist in SF Tommy T’s $20,000 competition, and hand picked to represent the San jose Improv in the 2013 Up Next Comedy Central comic search . He has performed at The Comedy store, Headlined Military bases, along with international Stages on 4 different continents (Europe, China, japan, and Australia).


SF Sketchfest Stands Up
Friday, January 31st, 10:15pm, Brava Studio BUY TICKETS

The Romane Event with Paco Romane
Saturday, February 1st, 10:15, Brava Studio BUY TICKETS