Bucky Sinister

Bucky Sinister is a poet, self-help author, and a comedian. He’s also published a little journalism, film reviews, and a few short stories.

Bucky entered the world of poetry in 1987, while still figuring out where he was going to live. Fresh from Boston, he started with an open mike at the DMZ coffeehouse in Little Rock, Arkansas. Then he went to St. Louis and found little there in the way of poetics. After bouncing to Los Angeles in the fall of 1988, he found the underground poetry scene and decided to make a go of this poetry thing, so he moved to the land of poets, San Francisco in 1989. He’s lived in the Bay Area ever since, now residing in Oakland. He counts nine chapbooks to the best of his knowledge, and three books of poetry. His fourth book, Time Bomb Snooze Alarm, comes out in Spring 2012, on Write Bloody Press. There’s also going to be a vinyl release of some of his poems from the Post Consumer record label. Most of his poems are about drugs and alcohol.

Bucky was long interested in standup comedy, but aside from trying the open mike at the Holy City Zoo the week he turned 21, he didn’t pursue it until the age of 37. He currently participates in a weekly show at the Dark Room called The Business. Most of his jokes are about drugs and alcohol.

The self-help thing surprised him as much as it did anyone else. Bucky’s been clean and sober since 2002. He has a very unconventional take on the world of 12 Step recovery, which led to him writing two books, Get Up and Still Standing. He’s a staunch atheist but also a strong proponent of the higher power part of 12 Step, and doesn’t see a conflict there. Most of the self help books are…no, all of the 12 Step books are about drugs and alcohol.


The Business & Friends
Saturday, February 2nd, 11:45pm, Punch Line Comedy Club
Wednesday, February 6th, 8pm, The Dark Room