Brian Stack

Brian Stack has been a writer/performer for “Conan” since 1997, first at “Late Night” in New York for 12 years, and later in LA. Before that, he worked at Second City in Chicago for several years, and in several other Chicago improv groups like Jazz Freddy. He has appeared on “30 Rock”, “Parks and Recreation”, “The Office”, “New Girl”, “Human Giant”, and “Eagleheart”, and has done voice-over work on “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”, “Hotel Transylvania”, “Saturday Night Live”, and other projects. In NY, he was a regular performer at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, and he still performs regularly at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and IO-West in LA. He is very excited to be “working” again with SlipNut Andy, SlipNut Jon, and other friends at this year’s SketchFest.


The Slipnutz Variety Show with Jon Glaser, Andy Blitz, Brian Stack
Saturday, February 1st, 7:30pm at the Brava Theater BUY TICKETS