Ball Trap: A Crock Opera

Humanity’s last chance is nobody’s first choice!

Ball Trap: A Crock Opera – The nerdgasmic high-energy sendup of science fiction blockbusters, 1980s car crash movies, and rock musicals.

An evil space warlord (Bryan Cranston) has hijacked the cross-galaxy space race, The SpaceBall Rally, and will use the energy harnessed to enslave the galaxy. Only one man can save the day: wisecracking, down-on-his-luck space car driver Ace Stickman (Michael Keaton). He’s got feet of lead, a heart of gold, and balls of steel. He’ll go fool throttle to the edge of Everywhen to combine the powers of Comedy and Rock into one invincible force: Crock.

To do so, he’ll gather a ragtag band of celebrity impressions including – but not limited to – Tyrion Lannister, Clive Owen With A Mustache, Stacker Pentacost, and Handiana Jolones. They’ll perform song parodies and labored dancing while wearing metallic spandex bodysuits and accompanied by multimedia animations in an effort to save the space race… and the human race.

This Sketchfest, Stick happens!


Saturday, February 8th, Midnight, The Dark Room BUY TICKETS