Aly Jones

Molded in Southern California and transplanted to Oakland, Aly Jones shares her misadventures and neuroses with strangers and hopes to get their approval in the form of laughter. She also knows an uncomfortable amount of information about Pokemon for a grown woman. As a child, her parents hoped she would grow up to be a doctor or the president, and you can see how that turned out. Aly has performed at the San Francisco Punchline, Flappers Burbank, and the Ventura Harbor Comedy Club, as well as clubs and bars from Seattle to Los Angeles. Alongside Ron Chapman, Scott Simpson and Brandon Stokes, Aly co-produces the show Fun Times with Friends out of the Cinecave at Lost Weekend Video. She incubates her joke eggs on Twitter as @theweakestbink and would love for you to help keep them warm.


Fun Times With Friends
Saturday, February 1st, 10pm, Cinecave at Lost Weekend 21+ BUY TICKETS