The 14th Annual SF Sketchfest ran January 22 – February 8, 2015. 

SF Sketchfest Tributes & Salutes
  • SF Sketchfest Tribute: Christopher Guest, Michael McKean & Harry Shearer in conversation with Adam Savage
  • SF Sketchfest Tribute: “Weird Al” Yankovic in conversation with Chris Hardwick with musical performances by Hard ‘n Phirm and Garfunkel & Oates
  • SF Sketchfest Tribute: “VEEP” with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tony Hale, Matt Walsh, Timothy Simons, Kevin Dunn, Gary Cole and Sam Richardson, moderated by Tim Goodman
  • SF Sketchfest Tribute: Penn & Teller and moderator Adam Savage
  • SF Sketchfest Tribute: Christopher Lloyd with 30th Anniversary screening of “Back to the Future” moderated by Scott Adsit
  • SF Sketchfest & Noise Pop Tribute: Scharpling & Wurster: Tom Scharpling & Jon Wurster in conversation with Andy Kindler with musical guests John Darnielle and Bob Mould
  • Salute to “NewsRadio”: 20th Anniversary with Dave Foley, Stephen Root, Andy Dick, Khandi Alexander and Joe Furey
  • Salute to Broken Lizard
  • Salute to Preston Sturges: “The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek”
Big Night Special Events
  • Judge John Hodgman
  • Nerdist Podcast with Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray and Matt Mira
  • NPR’s Ask Me Another with Ophira Eisenberg and Jonathan Coulton with guests Brad Bird, Alex Borstein and Dan Savage
  • Princess Plays Purple Rain: Maya Rudolph & Gretchen Lieberum in an evening of the music of Prince
  • StarTalk Live with Bill Nye the Science Guy and Eugene Mirman
  • w00tstock Founders’ Night with Adam Savage, Wil Wheaton, Paul & Storm and special guests John Roderick, Jason Finn and Rebecca Watson
Special Film Events
  • The Benson Movie Interruption with Doug Benson: “Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Parts 1 & 2″
  • “But I’m A Cheerleader”: The Peaches Christ Experience with special guests Natasha Lyonne and Jamie Babbit
  • “Groundhog Day” on Groundhog Day with special guest Stephen Tobolowsky in a live Tobolowsky Files
  • “Misery Loves Comedy” SF Premiere of a new documentary by Kevin Pollak with special guests Scott Aukerman, Janeane Garofalo, Dana Gould and moderator Kevin Smith
  • SF Sketchfest and Alamo Drafthouse Present: “The Princess Bride” Quote-Along™ Party Screening with special guest Cary Elwes
  • RiffTrax Night of the Shorts V: A Good Day to Riff Hard with Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy & Bill Corbett and guest differs Todd Barry, John Hodgman, Paul F. Tompkins, Cole Stratton and Janet Varney
  • “3 Still Standing” SF Documentary Premiere Screening and Performances by Will Durst, Johnny Steele and Larry “Bubbles” Brown
Special Television Events
  • “Animaniacs” with Jess Harnell, Rob Paulsen, Tress MacNeille and Randy Rogel
  • “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” Colon Taking Over SF Sketchfest with Dave Willis and Dana Snyder
  • “Dr. Katz Professional Therapist” 20th Anniversary Show with Jonathan Katz, Tom Snyder, Jon Benjamin and guest patients
  • “Futurama”: Still Canceled with John DiMaggio, Maurice LaMarche, Phil LaMarr, Lee Supercinski and Billy West
  • “Silicon Valley” : The Pied Piper Panel with Thomas Middleditch, T.J. Miller, Kumail Nanjiani and Zach Woods, moderated by Matt Braunger
  • Spotlight: “Another Period” with Natasha Leggero, Riki Lindhome, Paget Brewster, Jason Ritter, Armen Weitzman and Moshe Kasher
  • Spotlight: “The Hotwives of Orlando” with Tymberlee Hill, Angela Kinsey, Dannah Phirman, Andrea Savage, Kristen Schaal, Danielle Schneider and Casey Wilson
  • “Venture Bros.” with Paul Boocock, Michael Sinterniklaas, Dana Snyder and James Urbaniak
Special Theatrical Events
  • “Better Off Dead” 30th Anniversary Live Read with writer/director Savage Steve Holland, actors Curtis Armstrong, Diane Franklin, Kim Darby, Amanda Wyss and guest understudies Jon Heder, Kevin Pollak, Paul F. Tompkins, Eddie Pepitone, Annie Savage, Paul Brittain, Cole Stratton and Janet Varney
  • Celebrity Autobiography with John Cho, Micky Dolenz, Janeane Garofalo, Debbie Harry, Eugene Pack, Dayle Reyfel, Jennifer Tilly and Steven Weber
  • Julie Brown’s “The Homecoming Queen’s Got A Musical”
  • Thrilling Adventure Hour with Paget Brewster, Busy Philipps, Paul F. Tompkins, The WorkJuice Players, Scott Adsit, Scott Aukerman, John Hodgman, Mike Phirman, Melanie Lynskey, Jason Ritter and more
  • The Great Debate — Ferris Bueller: American Hero or the Man Directly Responsible for the Downfall of our Once Great Land?
  • Uptown Showdown Debate: Are We Getting Dumber vs. Are We Getting Smarter? with Maria Bamford, W. Kamau Bell, Dave Hill, T.J. Miller, Aparna Nancherla, Greg Proops and moderator Jared Logan
Film and Video
  • The First (and Probably Last) Annual SF Sketchfest Feline Film & Video Festival For Humans
  • Shouting at the Screen with Wyatt Cenac & Donwill
  • Totally Looped with Maria Bamford, Joe Liss, Laraine Newman, Oscar Nunez, Rick Overton, Gary Anthony Williams and more
Game Shows & Interactive Events
  • Cultivated Wit’s Comedy Hack Day Finals with host Baratunde Thurston and judges Scott Aukerman, Veronica Belmont, Natasha Leggero and Jonah Ray
  • Fancy Meeting You Here with Carl Arnheiter and Dave Hill
  • Iron Comic with Nato Green and Moshe Kasher
  • Point Break Live: Even Sketchier for SF Sketchfest Edition
  • Stardumb with Bil Dwyer
  • You’re The Expert with Chris Duffy
Improv Comedy
  • Bangarang!
  • Gravid Water with Scott Adsit, Tony Hale, Lauren Lapkus, Kevin Pollak, Ian Roberts and more
  • The Groundlings: The Black Version
  • The Groundlings: Personals
  • The Improvised Shakespeare Company
  • Prompter
  • Shitty Jobs
  • Speechless
  • Theme Park Improv with Ian Brennan, John Michael Higgins, Michael Hitchcock, Jessica Makinson, Oscar Nunez, Cole Stratton and Janet Varney
  • Upright Citizens Brigade ASSSSCAT with Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh and more
  • The Writers of Key & Peele Improv Show
  • Zamata & Byer with Sasheer Zamata and Nicole Byer
Kids Events
  • The Groundlings Childrens’ Show!
  • Mo Willems’ Don’t Let the Comedians Do Storytime!
Music & Comedy
  • Bring the Rock with Greg Behrendt and the Reigning Monarchs
  • Eli Braden
  • Garfunkel & Oates
  • I Made You A Mix Tape with Eli Braden, Liam Sullivan and more
  • Imaginary Radio with Drennon Davis
  • Wheels Off with Rhett Miller with Michael Chabon, Paul F. Tompkins and John Vanderslice
  • Come To Papa with Tom Papa
  • The Dana Gould Hour
  • Dead Authors with Paul F. Tompkins
  • The Harland Highway Podcast with Harland Williams
  • Hound Tall with Moshe Kasher
  • improv4humans with Matt Besser
  • Jonah Raydio with Jonah Ray
  • Jordan, Jesse, Go!
  • My Brother, My Brother and Me
  • Pop My Culture Podcast with Cole Stratton and Vanessa Ragland
  • Roderick on the Line with John Roderick and Merlin Mann
  • Ronna & Beverly
  • Sex Nerd Sandra
  • The Smartest Man in the World Proopcast with Greg Proops
  • Superego
  • The Todd Barry Podcast
  • The Todd Glass Show
  • U Talkin’ U2 To Me? with Scott Aukerman and Adam Scott
  • Uhh Yeah Dude with Seth Romatelli and Jonathan Larroquette
  • Who Charted? with Kulap Vilaysack and Howard Kremer
  • The World of Phil Hendrie
  • You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes
Sketch Comedy
  • The Birthday Boys
  • BriTANick
  • Good Neighbor with Beck Bennett, Kyle Mooney, Nick Rutherford and Dave McCary
  • Killing My Lobster
  • Don’t Watch This Show Live!
  • Bawdy Storytelling
  • Cheaper Than Therapy with Sarah Thyre and Louis Peitzman
  • Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction
  • The Groundlings: Charlotte’s Shorts
  • Mortified
  • Porchlight
  • RISK! with Kevin Allison
  • The Sharpies: staged reading of a new play by Eugene Pack
Variety and Stand-Up
  • Aparna Nancherla & Guy Branum: Diversity Quota: A Night of Comedy with an Indian Lady and a Gay Jew
  • BAKED with Brendon Small & Steve Agee
  • Brent Weinbach: Appealing to the Mainstream
  • Brian McCann’s Leisure Hour
  • The Business: Old Business/New Business
  • Come Laugh With Us with Lance Bangs
  • Derrick Brown
  • Eddie Pepitone
  • Edinburgh Fringe International Spotlight: Wil Anderson, Dan Clark, Maeve Higgins, Matt Kirshen, Daniel Sloss and host Janeane Garofalo
  • Emily Heller
  • Emo Philips
  • Erin Foley
  • Invite Them Up with Eugene Mirman & Bobby Tisdale
  • James Adomian
  • Jenny Slate & Friends
  • Jon Benjamin’s “Night of Not Interested in Hosting This Show”
  • Jon Daly
  • Justin Willman with Marcus Monroe
  • Kevin McDonald
  • Kristen Schaal & Friends
  • Leo Allen
  • Manboobs Family Showcase with Danny Tamberelli
  • Margaret Cho
  • Maria Bamford
  • Matt Braunger
  • Max Silvestri
  • Meltdown with Jonah Ray & Kumail Nanjiani
  • Morgan Murphy
  • Night Train with Wyatt Cenac
  • The Onion Past Bedtime
  • Phoebe Robinson
  • Put Your Hands Together with Cameron Esposito & Rhea Butcher
  • Ron Funches
  • Rory Scovel
  • Set List
  • SF Sketchfest Comedy NightLife at the California Academy of Sciences
  • Smug Shift with Moshe Kasher and Brent Weinbach
  • Stand-Up Spotlight: Arden Myrin & Dan St. Germain
  • Tinkle Twins with Dana Gould & Arden Myrin
  • T.J. Miller
  • Van Jam with the Spanglers
  • The SF Sketchfest Dozen, the Next Wave of Stand-Up Comedy Stars:
    • Sean Donnelly & Maronzio Vance
    • Andy Haynes & Christina Pazsitzky
    • Maeve Higgins & Beth Stelling
    • Chris Garcia & Randy Liedtke
    • Jared Logan & Eliza Skinner
    • Mark Normand & Michelle Wolf
  • Improv and Sketch Workshop with Kevin McDonald of the Kids in the Hall
  • Sketch Writing Workshop with Kevin Allison of The State
  • Storytelling Skills with Kevin Allison of RISK!
  • Voice Acting Workshop with Rob Paulsen (“Animaniacs,” “Pinky and the Brain”)
Showcases for Emerging Stand-Up, Sketch, Solo and Improv Performers
  • Abhay Nadkarni, Adam Pearlstein, Adrian McNair, Alex Falcone, Allison Mick, Amy Miller, Andie Main, Anita Drieseberg, Astrologically Incorrect with Liz Grant, The Avengers of Comedy, Aviva Siegel, Barbara Holm, Ben Kolina, Big Grande, Brendan Lynch, Bri Pruett, Brian Fange, Byron Stamps, Cameron Vannini, Cara Tramontano, Casey Ley, Chardonnay, Charles, Chase & Stacey’s Joyride, Cheryl Anderson, Chinese Ballroom Improv, Clare O’Kane, Clyde McFly, Colin Mahan, Colleen Watson, The Comic Thread, Curtis Cook, Dale Radio, Dave Thomason, David Dineen-Porter, David Gborie, Dhaya Lakshminarayanan, Dinah Foley, DJ Faucet, DJ Real, DNA, The Don’t We Boys!, Duchess Riot, Dudes Being Dudes Being Dudes, Duke, Ed Galvez, Eloisa Bravo, Erin and Melissa Present: Erik Krasner, One Night Only!, Faith Choyce, The Flat Earth, Gabe Dinger, Gary Anderson, George Chen, Good Cop Great Cop, The Great Difficulties, The Grind, Hayden Greif-Neill, Hip.Bang!, Hot Thespian Action, Ify Nwadiwe, Imran G., Ivan Hernandez, James Hartnett, Janine Brito, Jason Downs, Jen Seaman, Jeremy Wheat, Jesse Elias, Jesse Hett, Jessica McKenna, Jessica Sele, JoAnne Schinderle, Joe Klocek, Joe Kwaczala, Joe Nguyen, Joey Devine, Johan Miranda, Johnny Taylor, Jon Allen, Jonathan Giles, Jonathan Rowell, Jordan Cohen, Josef Anolin, Joseph Scrimshaw, JR De Guzman, Jules Posner, Kaseem Bentley, Kate Willett, Katie Compa, Keith Lowell Jensen’s Session: A Jazz and Comedy Jam, Kelly Anneken, Kevin O’Shea, Kevin Whittinghill, Krista Fatka, Kristen Studard, Kyle Mizono, Lame and Fortune, Land Smith, Last Slice, Leela’s Armando Company, Living Impaired, Loren Kraut, Lydia Popovich, Marcia Belsky, Marlene Rodriguez, Marty Archibald, Mateen Stewart, Matt Gubser, Matt Lieb, Matt Morales, Matty Litwack, Megan Koester, The Mess, Mike Spiegelman, Misha Trubs, Mission CTRL, Nancy — Songs in the Key of Life, Natasha Muse, Nick Kaufman, Nico Santos, Nicole Calasich, Nile Seguin, Not Related, Ope, Paco Romane, Paige Weldon, The Paul Thomas Effort, Peet Guercio, Peter ‘n Chris, Rachel McDowell, Red Scott, Richard Sarvate, The Right Now Improv Trio, Rob Schultz, Ron Chapman, The Roughhouse, Ryan Schutt, Sad Vicious, Samantha Gilweit, Sarah Kenny, Scoot Herring, Scott Losse, Scott Simpson, Scott Vermiere, Shane Torres, Shanti Charan, Steve Auberne, Steve Post, Steve Seabrook: Better Than You, Steven Wilber, Stroy Moyd, Stupid Time Machine, That Girl in the Wheelchair, Thunderstood, The Tim&Micah Project, T.J. Chambers, Tom Devenport, Tom Henry, Tony Sam, Torio Van Grol, Trevor Hill, The Understudies, Vagina Jones, Vanessa Gonzalez presents “I Don’t Know Words!”, Walker Glenn, Wendigo, White Women, Your F!#&ed Up Relationship and Zach Martina

Lineup subject to change