‘Twas the Night Before Sketchfest: An SF Sketchfest Christmas

‘Twas the Night Before Sketchfest
An SF Sketchfest Christmas
December 22, 2012
Castro Theatre

SF Sketchfest, the people who bring you the San Francisco Comedy Festival, present The Good (Emmet Otter; Elf), The Bad (Bad Santa) and The Humbug (Scrooged) of classic holiday entertainment in a full day of programming at the Castro Theatre featuring special guests, costume contests and more! A little something for everyone! Events are individually priced or buy the all-day pass for $40!

SF Sketchfest Presents
Terry Zwigoff’s
Bad Santa (Director’s Cut)

with special guests Terry Zwigoff, Tony Cox and Lauren Tom
Featuring “Bad Holiday” Storytelling presented by Porchlight and Peaches Christ Productions
Recommended for mature audiences
8:30pm $20

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Terry Zwigoff (Crumb; Ghost World) presents his director’s cut of the darkly comic Bad Santa, the story of conmen (Billy Bob Thornton and Tony Cox) who dress as Santa and his little helper to rob department stores. Pre-show will feature rare clips and photos along with “true bad holiday” stories. Afterward, Zwigoff, Tony Cox (Thornton’s partner-in-crime “Marcus”) and Lauren Tom (Marcus’s materialistic wife, “Lois”) will discuss the film. Come dressed in your “baddest” Santa gear. Rated R.

SF Sketchfest Presents
25th Anniversary Screening
with special guest Bobcat Goldthwait
5:30pm $15

Bah-Humbug, the Bill Murray way! Scrooged, the dark comic update of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, stars Murray as Frank Cross, a cynical television programming executive visited by three eccentric ghosts on Christmas Eve, who force him to look back on his life, and the one-that-got-away (Karen Allen). Before the screening, special guest Bobcat Goldthwait will be on hand for a discussion and audience Q&A. Rated PG-13.

SF Sketchfest and The Jim Henson Company Present
Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas
35th Anniversary!

and The Bells of Fraggle Rock
with special guest Dave Goelz
All Ages! Bring the Kids!
3:00pm $15 Adults/$10 Kids 12 and under

Celebrate Christmas with the whole family at this special screening of Jim Henson’s classic tale about Emmet and Ma, who are poor but loving musical folk in Frogtown Hollow. Emmet Otter will be preceded by a rare chance to enjoy the classic holiday episode of Henson’s beloved Fraggle Rock series, “The Bells of Fraggle Rock.” On hand to kick off the afternoon with an introduction will be famed puppeteer Dave Goelz (“Boober” from Fraggle Rock, “Will Possum” from Emmet Otter). Rated G.

SF Sketchfest Presents
10th Anniversary Screening
All Ages! Bring the Kids!
12:30pm $10

Will Ferrell stars as the lovable and naïve Buddy, raised by an elf at the North Pole, who journeys to New York to meet his estranged human family. He gets a tough and funny lesson about the real world, all the while maintaining his infectious enthusiasm and changing those around him for the better. After all, “Smiling is his favorite!” Rated PG.

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