Ophira Eisenberg in her own words (audio)

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Ophira Eisenberg in her own words (audio)
By Blake Garris

Monday, February 3, 2014


Ophira EisenbergIf you’re not aware of the  show Ask Me Another then you’re not listening to the latest craze sweeping the nation. Part game show, part concert, part celebrity interview; this weekly podcast has had guests ranging from RL Stine to Justin Long.

Shepherding the ship is host and comedian . The first comic ever to be called back to the desk at The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Eisenberg is a mainstay in the New York comedy scene. We caught up with her after a live taping of  atThe Bell House in Brooklyn, NY to talk about everything from comedy, hosting a show for NPR as well as the podcast is heading to Sketchfest this year where the show will host Danny Pudi (Community) and Adam Savage (Mythbusters) live on stage. Here she is, Ophira Eisenberg, in her own words.

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