SF Sketchfest 2013 Lineup Announced: Patton Oswalt, John Hodgman, Portlandia and more

From the Huffington Post

SF Sketchfest 2013 Lineup Announced: Patton Oswalt, John Hodgman, Portlandia and more
by Aaron Sankin


For over a decade, SF Sketchfest has brought the best of comedy to the City By The Bay.

Started as a single-venue showcase for a group of local sketch comedy groups by HuffPost Live host Janet Varney, SF Sketchfest has grown into one of the largest and best comedy festivals in the United States.

Now expanded to over a dozen venues across San Francisco, SF Sketchfest effortlessly manages to walk the line between paying homage to comedic milestones of the past and serving as a platform for comedy’s most exciting new voices.

This year’s lineup includes appearances by pretty much everyone in America who is professionally funny for a living, including Patton Oswalt, Bruce Campbell, Kristen Schaal, Paul F. Tompkins, Eugene Mirman, Reggie Watts, John Hodgman, the cast of Futurama, James Urbaniak, Doug Benson, Jonathan Coulton, Keegan-Michael Kay, Drew Carey, the cast of Pinky and the Brain, Stephen Tobolowsky, Killing My Lobster, the cast of Portlandia, Chris Hardwick, Greg Proops, Communty creator Dan Harmon, Bobcat Goldthwait, Tim Heidecker, the cast of The Adventures of Pete & Pete (!), Neil Hamburger, the Upright Citizens Brigade, Kevin Smith, Jeff Garlin and a sing-along screening of R. Kelly’s trapped in the closet (!).

The 2013 festival runs January 24 through February 10.

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