Lizzy Caplan joining ‘Party Down’ reunion at SF Sketchfest — EXCLUSIVE

From Entertainment Weekly

Lizzy Caplan joining ‘Party Down’ reunion at SF Sketchfest — EXCLUSIVE
By Hillary Busis

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Are we having fun yet?

Not quite. But just wait until Feb. 9, when San Francisco’s Sketchfest will reunite the cast of Starz’s brilliant-but-canceled catering comedy Party Down. Adam Scott, Ken Marino, Martin Starr, and Ryan Hansen are already locked in as attendees — and now EW can exclusively reveal that their co-star Lizzy Caplan will join the group at this sold-out event as well.

The Party Down event won’t be the only nostalgia-baiting reunion on Sketchfest’s roster this year.  On Jan. 25th, the cast of Nickelodeon’s cult classic Pete & Pete will fete the show’s 20th anniversary with a celebration of their own, featuring both Petes (Michael C. Maronna and Danny Tamberelli), Artie, the Strongest Man in the World (Toby Huss), and series creators Chris Viscardi and Will McRobb. Voice actors Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche will join forces for “An Afternoon with Pinky and the Brain” On Jan. 27., David Zucker will be on hand to honor the 25th anniversary of his seminal police parody The Naked Gun. Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter, and David Wain are also set to perform once more as Stella on Feb. 10 — the next best thing to another Wet Hot American Summer reunion.

Additionally, the 18-day fest will boast dozens of other events featuring everyone fromCommunity creator Dan Harmon to podcast stars like Julie Klausner and Chris Hardwick. Check their website for a full schedule — we’re especially intrigued by a show called “Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction” — and see a wicked awesome, retro-style trailer for the whole shebang below.

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