5 Things You Really Shouldn’t Miss At SF Sketchfest


5 Things You Really Shouldn’t Miss At SF Sketchfest
By Lizzy Acker

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


If you like a) laughing b) laughing really hard or c) having the time of your life, get yourself to SF Sketchfest, starting THURSDAY, January 24 right here in San Francisco. The annual festival is much more than just sketch comedy and it is so full of insane events you aren’t going to want to miss, you should probably clone yourself right now so you can see everything. Below are 5 things you should definitely go to. The rest is up to you.

1. Welcome to the Dollhouse
Things that will be at this viewing of Welcome to the Dollhouse Friday, February 8, 7pm at the Castro Theatre: Peaches Christ, musical numbers and an appearance Heather Matarazzo, the real Dawn Wiener.




2. Burning Love
Here’s your homework: watch all of the first season of the (best ever?) internet showBurning Love and then get tickets to see Ken Marino, Michael Ian Black, June Diane Raphael, Adam Scott and more for a panel discussion on Sunday, February 10 4pm at Cobb’s Comedy Club.



3. The Nerdist
I’m not going to lie: I’ve been in love with Chris Hardwick since he was the shaggy co-host of MTV’s greatest work, Singled Out and I was a middle schooler with ironic Power Rangers shoelace biters. Sigh. We could have been so happy together. Luckily, like me, Chris has gotten even more awesome since the ’90s. Watch him prove it on Saturday, February 2, 7pm at the Marines’ Memorial Theatre.



4. Stella
I can’t post a video of Stella because they are too completely dirty, probably even for the Internet. The sketch comedy of Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter and David Wain is really something you should buy on VHS and watch in a room by yourself or with your least judgmental friends. Also: it is amazing. Find out for yourself at Mezzanine on Sunday, February 10, 8pm.

5. Garfunkel and Oates
Remember how awesome it was when Adam Sandler used to sing songs about famous Jews and stuff? Garfunkel and Oates are kind of like that, except even more relevant and with less weird baby voice. Who hasn’t experienced the smugness of a pregnant lady? WHO HASN’T? Want to see the magic happen live? Join them Sunday, February 10, 8pm at the Rickshaw Stop.



SF Sketchfest starts Thursday, January 24 and runs through February 10, 2013 at various San Francisco locations. For tickets and information, visit sfsketchfest.com.

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