The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Barry Bostwick Surprises Audience at SF Sketchfest Closing Night

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February 6, 2012
By Doctor Gash


The San Francisco Comedy Festival, better known as SF Sketchfest, had quite the surprise when special guest Barry Bostwick was invited to introduced his classic film The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Host Peaches Christ presided over the evening’s events, which were … interesting.

Not only did the 1,400 costumed, prop-carrying fans in attendance get to see Bostwick return, dressing in drag for the first time in nearly 40 years, but he even reenacted the memorable Rocky Horror leg stretches. For those unfamiliar with the host, Peaches Christ (played by Joshua Grannell, the writer and director of the horror/comedy All About Evil, which has its television premiere on the Chiller Network on Friday, February 24), check out Peaches’ website.

News from SF Sketchfest
The closing night of the SF Sketchfest featured a sold-out screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show: The Peaches Christ Experience at the historic Castro Theatre. Peaches Christ opened the event with a giant number, “Peach Transvestite”, followed by the introduction of Rocky Horror Picture Show star Barry Bostwick (Brad Majors, himself).

However, Mr. Bostwick excused himself moments before the show began, and everyone was a bit concerned when it was getting time for Peaches to introduce him- he was still locked in a bathroom. Peaches had no idea that Barry was about to appear in full Rocky finale stage-show drag until “Ms. Bostwick” appeared onstage, stumbling in his high heels, and flailing around, flipping the boa around his neck. The audience shot up out of their seats and gave him a standing ovation! The 67-year-old actor still has impressive legs, and when he laid on the stage and did the iconic leg stretch from the movie, you’d have thought the audience was going to riot. The screams were overwhelming!

Bostwick said “I haven’t worn drag in 37 years. The last time was for shooting The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This is the first time since then … and the last”. Peaches is beyond thrilled to have hosted such a momentous and historic event!

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