The Roaring Twenties: Treat Yourself

From The Huffington Post

February 9, 2012
By Stefanie Lee


SFTs, have you ever been on a date with yourself? I don’t just mean walking alone from BART to your apartment, or waiting at the bar playing Words With Friends while your friend finds a parking spot in the Mission or even going to a coffee shop with your laptop, a bunch of Tweet ideas, and a caffeine craving. I’m talking super-romantic, Carrie Bradshaw-style, out-on-the-town date with yourself. To the dudes: Yes, I just made a Sex and the City reference, but I still think the concept is applicable to both sexes. On that show, the main character (Mrs. Ferris Bueller for the uninitiated) goes out on the town, solo, and has a rather lovely time of it. She gets dressed up, sees a show, and refuses to let a man get in the way of her true love, which is New York City.

Now, I’m not advocating a night of that much decadence; Carrie Bradshaw was a fictional character with a comically exaggerated bank account. SFTs don’t necessarily have the funds for high fashion and entertainment, nor do they necessarily give a shit about it. But I still really think there’s something to be said for going out by yourself and experiencing the city as a single person. And staying single the whole night, too. Any accepters for this challenge? I sure hope so.

SF Sketchfest’s three-week reign over San Francisco afforded me the luxury of a few recent solo dates. Of course, I convinced a handful of friends to see a handful of the shows, but as a comedy nerd, I couldn’t expect other FOMO-infected SFT’s to have the same level of enthusiasm (nor, again, the willingness to shell out dough) as I did for the nine performances I ended up attending. While it may seem sad to say that I experienced the reunion of Reno: 911!’s Thomas Lennon, Kerri Kenney, and Ben Garant without accompaniment, my party-of-one status got me the closest seat to the stage and several attentive sideways glances from Lt. Dangle himself. He even kissed me on the shoulder a couple of times. (I’m not questioning it.) I was also among an elite group that night; my fellow Cobb’s comrades and I saw the original version of the Reno pilot, as well as unaired footage from the trio’s State-side comedy days of yore. It was magnificent. I probably wouldn’t have gotten that seat had I been there with a group. I walked back to my apartment with a big, stupid grin on my face, taking the steep hills with big bounds, still riding the wave of hilarity and contemplating Niecy Nash’s current whereabouts. (No, but seriously, we need more of her.)

All this talk of dates reminded me that Valentine’s Day is coming up, SFTs. As a single person, I’m culturally obligated to mask my bitterness by hating on the corporate aspects of the asinine holiday. Right? That sounds right. But as a single person who’s also comfortable hanging out by herself once in awhile, I’m quite stoked to know exactly what to get myself for Valentine’s Day: another ticket to another comedy show. Laughter is the best present, and I’m a damn good gift-giver. No stress.

SFTs, if you’re in a relationship, I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day. San Francisco is a charming city when you’re in a couple. But I hope you join your single city compatriots and spend some time alone, basking in the glory of the city and treating yourself to something you and only you want to do. Just start with a table for one.

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