Sketchfest Review: w00tstock Founders’ Night at Marine’s Memorial Theater, 1/29/12

From Spinning Platters

February 8, 2012
By Gordon Elgart



Reviewing w00stock is a silly concept. I’ve done it once before. Because the event is performed under the Creative Commons non-commercial, attribution, share alike license (as is this website), the entirety of the thing is online in video form for your viewing pleasure. But which videos are the best? That’s the hard part. So rather than a standard review, I’ll instead give you a guided tour to The Best of w00stock Founders’ Night, as found on the Internet.


Paul and Storm started the show with a brief set of their always hilarious, rarely touching songs. And tonight they performed a new song aimed straight at the hearts of nerds everywhere.


Soon after, we were treated by Paul & Storm to a “sketch” about inappropriateness in comedy, due to the fact that we were at San Francisco Sketchfest

Wil Wheaton took the stage next and told some stories about experiences he’s had with his wife. Like this classic about a dinner at Black Angus.

And do you want to know about his virginal Rocky experience?

After intermission, we were treated to a brief set of stand-up comedy by Chris Hardwick. There’s no video of this; people must have been laughing too hard to keep their cameras straight. Or perhaps he’s simply not nerdy enough for our videographers.

Next up was Adam Savage, who asked that the meat of his performance not be recorded because it was a preview of something he was going to be performing elsewhere, and although some assholes did it anyway, you won’t find those links here. And then afterwards, he sat down at the piano on stage for the first time in his life and brought tears to the eyes of everyone in the house.

Of course, the evening then concluded with the Captain’s Wife Lament, which is part song, part improv, part attempt to crack each other up. Bless this nerd, who got the entire thing on video.

And, oh, you’ll need this:

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