Sketchfest Renders S.F. a City Under Comic Siege

From SF Weekly

January 20, 2012
By Michael Leaverton


Is there any comic more suited to an old-time radio play than John Hodgman, with his everyday suits, sometimes-mustache, and thin, delicate fingers? Of course not. He appears Sunday night in an old-time radio play, The Thrilling Adventure Hour at Marines Memorial Theatre, one of the many events at SF Sketchfest that make you realize that the title’s “sketch” is an old-time quirk — this year’s fest has only three true sketch shows. Hodgman is joined Sunday by Paul F. Tompkins, Andy Richter, and Kevin Pollak, who is rumored to be doing his old-time role as Christopher Walken making a Cobb salad (that’s a lie). Later, Richter moderates a tribute show with Upright Citizens Brigade, featuring Amy Poehler and company, and later still, Twitter-ace Michael Ian Black appears with his old Stella TV series classmates. And we’re not done yet. Not close to it.
It might seem like quite the Sunday, but for the 17-day Sketchfest, this is nothing. This is not even the full lineup. Saturday has 17 shows, and five more than the ones mentioned above compete for your attention Sunday. Tompkins and Hodgman appear in two of those as well.

You can also see Bobcat Goldthwait tonight and Saturday (Jan. 20-21). Actually, we’re most intrigued by Jon Benjamin Has a Van — this slip of a fake-news show ran through its first hysterical season in 2011, and it’s doing a live show on Jan. 28. It almost makes you forget Sketchfest’s glaring lack of Portlandia. This also helps: David Cross (two shows) and Marc Maron (three shows).

SF Sketchfest continues through Feb. 4 at various locations in S.F. Admission varies; take a deep breath and visit the SF Sketchfest website.

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