Science and Comedy Yield Great Results

From SF Examiner

January 27, 2012
By Chad Stassel

SAN FRANCISCO – Thursday January 26 SF Sketchfest continued at the California Academy of Sciences. The exhibits were open to all in attendance, while various standup and improv shows went on during the night.

Standup comedians performed sets in front of an incredible vertical garden as a life-size skeleton of a Humpback Whale swam overhead. “It’s probably the most beautiful venue for standup comedy, ever,” onlooker Kyle Penn joked as he drank a cold beer. There were cash bars scattered throughout the museum.

Every Thursday night the museum opens its doors to twenty-one year olds for an event called Nightlife, which is literally a party at the museum. Nightlife usually features a musical act or a DJ, but with Sketchfest in town it was a very special event.

There were many highlights throughout the night. Greg Proops recorded an episode of his podcast, The Smartest Man in the World Proopcast, in front a live audience sharing his views on politics, life & art. Subscribe to the podcast for free on iTunes.

Seats to see Thomas Lennon, who plays Lieutenant Jim Dangle on Reno 911!, filled up almost instantly, however, to those who couldn’t find a seat there was plenty going on. Students of the academy were dissecting large Sea Birds in a glass room, while the always entertaining and hilarious Will Franken, who was noticeably drunk, was walking around asking people to lick his neck.

It’s hard to say if Franken ever did get his neck licked, but it is incredibly safe to say that all in attendance had a phenomenal time.

The highlight for this Examiner was the improv group Convoy, who closed the show. Voted best improv show by LA Weekly, the comedic trio did not disappoint. They perform their fast-paced stream of consciousness show weekly at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in LA.

Tonight Drew Carey performs at the Marines’ Memorial Theatre, and Thomas Lennon performs again at Cobb’s Comedy Club. For tickets visit

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