Poehler with SF Sketchfest

From San Francisco Chronicle

January 8, 2012
By Sue Adolphson


SF Sketchfest returns this month for its 11th season, offering more than three weeks of comedy sketches, tributes, music, film, improv and theatrical events with guaranteed laughs.

One of the most anticipated tributes is to the Upright Citizens Brigade, a hilarious collaboration among Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh and the inimitable Amy Poehler. Writer Michael Ordoña spoke with “Saturday Night Live” alum and “Parks and Recreation” star Poehler for today’s cover story.

“She lived up to her reputation as a sweetheart. She seemed genuinely thrilled to be doing the Sketchfest thing for both UCB and ‘Wet Hot American Summer,’ ” Ordoña says, referring to the Sketchfest takeoff on the 2001 cult film about counselors at a 1981 summer camp, which starred Poehler and a number of other well-known funny folks.

When he asked Poehler about the “Wet Hot” reunion, she told him, “I’m really excited. … This will be the first time we’ve all been together performing in a long time.”

And how does she feel about the UCB, which she’s been with for 20-plus years?

“Oh gosh,” she said. “That’s like ‘Tell me the highlights and lowlights of being with your family.’ “

Find out what else Poehler has to say on Page 12.

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