Sketching SF Sketchfest: Featuring Rob Delaney

From The New York Times / Bay Citizen

December 9, 2011
By Andy Wright


SF Sketchfest is a bit daunting in its scope: it’s three weeks long, it takes place in over fifteen venues, and the lineup is comprised of a whos-who of comedic talent from big names to the buzziest up-and-comers. “Mapping the Heavens” was one of five events artist Wendy MacNaughton could have taken in on Feb. 2. Featuring Rob Delaney, Neal Brennan, and Todd Barry, her choice proved itself to be wise: she witnessed a night of outrageous antics. (Although, in the interests of being truthful, we feel we must tell you that Delaney pantomimed a certain act you are about to read about. No eyes were actually harmed in the making of this comic.)

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