Sklarbro Country with Michael Ian Black

From Flavorpill

January 31, 2011
By Jean San Agustin


In addition to being wryly hilarious, comedian Michael Ian Black has done what most girls (and guys) dream of — he shared an onscreen smooch with hunky Hangover star Bradley Cooper on the set of Wet Hot American Summer (2001). Hot indeed. Black — whom you’d certainly recognize from the cult flick as well as VH1′s I Love the… [insert decade here] series, and his time spent with comedy troupe Stella and on the MTV show The State — is a comedic jack-of-all trades, additionally rocking the standup circuit, and penning the book of essays My Custom Van. Now you can add podcast to his résumé, as Black returns to San Francisco as a guest of the Sklarbro Country Podcast, a weekly satirical look at pop culture and sports. Black is back.”

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