Sketchfest Pics

From The Bold Italic

January 20, 2011
By Jennifer Maerz


I’m a huge Sketchfest fan. Just when you think the holidays have shifted over into the January doldrums, along comes the giant annual local comedy festival (stocked with lots of local talent) to make you laugh for a couple weeks straight. The bookers select both well-known names (I saw Jason Segel at a group gig last year) and up-and-comers (like Rhys Darby, the funny manager dude from Flight of the Conchords a few years back) alike.

We’re a week into Sketchfest now, but the events run through Feb. 5, so there’s still plenty to keep you in stitches coming up. Tonight I’m stoked to see Mike Birbiglia, a regular on This American Life and The Moth who’ll be performing his show “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend.” If you’ve never heard Mike before, perhaps you’ve at least heard about his amazing sleepwalking disorders, which grew to nightmare proportions (he was at least able to turn his night terrors into hilarious stories). Mike performs tonight, tomorrow night, and Saturday night at the Eureka Theatre. The other big names on the roster include Neil Patrick Harris performing three times this weekend; a Nerdist podcast with Zach Galifianakis next Friday; an Airplane! tribute on Jan. 31; a tribute to SNL with Dan Aykroyd Feb. 2; and a ton more.

On the SF performer tip, we have Bold Local Harmon Leon tomorrow night at the Purple Onion; musician John Vanderslice (as part of a comedy crew) on Saturday at the Eureka Theatre; a sure to be great showcase from local comedy company Rooftop (featuring Bold Local Alex Koll, the very funny Chris Garcia, and others) at the Purple Onion on Saturday; Will Durst and Killing My Lobster on Jan. 27 at the Eureka Theatre; and Peaches Christ (hosting a tribute to Cloris Leachman) on Feb. 5 at the Castro Theatre.

Even if few of the names on Sketchfest’s lineup look familiar to you, there are lots of $15 shows, so you can try out a new comedian without hurting your wallet. Don’t let the next few weeks go by without getting someone really good at it to make you laugh.

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