San Francisco Sketchfest 10-year Reunion featuring Kasper Hauser, Fresh Robots, White Noise Radio Theatre, and More

From Laughing

January 17, 2011
By Mikl-Em


As mentioned in my post on this year’s San Francisco Sketchfest, a special reunion show on January 17th presents the 6 sketch groups from San Francisco who were the entirety of the first festival. Tickets are available for tonight’s performance by the original half dozen sketch comedy groups at The Eureka Theater. A decade later the fest includes more than 100 performances, features movie stars & comic legends, and showcases a new generation of comedy contenders.

The Sketchfest Six includes Kasper Hauser whose fantastically surreal sketches like Spicy Pony Head continue to draw audiences in San Francisco and beyond.

Other groups include Totally False People (a trio featuring the festival’s founders and directors), Please Leave the Bronx, The Meehan Brothers (who you may have seen on Last Comic Standing), and The Fresh Robots who performed at Laughing Squid’s 5th anniversary party in 2000–video proof below…

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