Pop My Culture with Bob Odenkirk, Cole Stratton and Vanessa Ragland

From Flavorpill

January 14, 2011
By Christina Richards


Comedian Bob Odenkirk is hilarious, but don’t tell that to indie rockers Rogue Wave. In 2008, a virtual feud ensued when the band rejected a video directed by the former Mr Show funnyman. In what was referred to as the “Director’s Cut,” Odenkirk previews a video demo for the song “Chicago x 12,” featuring cardboard cutouts of the band, Bob in a green bodysuit, a karate kid, and a hilarious but complete misunderstanding of the song’s lyrics. Rogue Wave remade the video, and rather funny “angry” letters were exchanged. Publicity stunt? It remains to be seen, but we suspect. Tonight, catch the comic genius of a man who has written for SNL and Late Night with Conan O’Brien, as Odenkirk joins Pop My Culture for a live podcast taping.

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