SF Sketchfest Closing Show

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February 5, 2009
By Leanne Maxwell


SF Sketchfest’s closing show at Cobb’s on Saturday night was an interesting night of comedy and Bingo, topped off with comedian-donated prizes and hosted by Bobby Tisdale. The grand prize was a good back-cracking from Andy Richter, which was hilarious. The recipient was the large guy pictured at left, and apparently, his back actually did crack.

Zach Galifianakis stole the show, first with his nasally one-liner: “I’m Harvey Chocolate Milk, and I’m here to hydrate you.” Then he awarded $100 out of his wallet to the lucky winner of the second round. The recipient’s friend tried to take a picture, which is a strict no-no. We wonder if she got kicked out, like Cobb’s management threatens.

Jon Hamm made a surprise visit and read off the Bingo numbers during the last round. We heard whispers throughout the club from men and women alike, “Don Draper.” He didn’t do any comedy, so we don’t know if he’s funny. But he does seem really nice — when we had our picture taken with him, he was very cordial and asked our name (and we are still giddy!).

A few comedians opened the show with stand-up: Paul F. Tompkins’ off-the-cuff jokes went over seamlessly. (We do love him on Best Week Ever. The old format was better though, of course.) Andy Kindler was too self-deprecating. There’s always a fine line. Kindler later had to “hover” in the audience during the Bingo. Chris Hardwick got big laughs too. That Attack of the Show is growing on us.

All in all, it was a fun night.

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