SF Sketchfest Review: The Kids in the Hall in Conversation

From SFist.com

January 30, 2008
By Christopher Rogers



IMG_1176 The closing act of 2008′s SF Sketchfest brought the prize of two nights with The Kids In The Hall. First night a Q-&-A sit-down, the second night a rare performance of the group’s inimitable sketch comedy.

This legendary Canadian sketch troupe whose deranged, ribald, brilliant humor has scarred the minds of a generation through stage and screen came to Sketchfest as revered elders.

Though the paths of Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney and Scott Thompsonhave been mostly separate since their TV show’s production ended, few who witnessed them in action can forget the brutal comedic impact of KITH characters such as The Chicken Lady, the fabulous Buddy Cole (now with his own official MySpace), headcrushing enthusiast Mr. Tyzik, and the eeevil manservant Hecubus.

And, as introduced by festival’s founders, David Owen, Cole Stratton, and Janet Varney, if it hadn’t been for The Kids In The Hall, there never would have been a SF Sketchfest.

Photos/footage via the talented and attractive Jaime Sena

After the jump, a review of the the Saturday night Q-&-A including pictures and video!


The Kids’ night began as one might expect for aging comedians — greeting the audience’s applause with push-ups, sit-ups, and jumping jacks.


Surely and certainly and utterly completely un-rehearsed, Kevin McDonald sang a little song ’bout how the group really got their name with guitar accompaniment by host Paul Myers. (Foley went to go pee, and asked specifically that his wireless mic be turned off for the duration. He then joined in on the final chorus pictured at the top of the page.)


The boys were punchy and gleeful; trading quips and chiming in on one-another’s stories with the speed of cousins gabbin’ at a Thanksgiving table.

When Scott Thompson (left) was little, he wanted to be Burt Reynolds.

Bruce McCullouch (right) is a wildly emphatic speaker in-person.


When Mark McKinney (far right)was hired to write for Saturday Night Live in mid-’80s, he was so sure that Big Money would be coming to him that he began pricing VCRs.


Responsible for the signature surf-rock song used to open KITH’s TV show, the band Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet were childhood friends of McCullouch. It was Foley’s idea to preface one of their stage shows with the band’s music, and it stuck.

Bruce was the last to dress up like a lady, and he never wore fake boobs. “Well, I could bench 210 at the time, so I figured what I had was enough,” he said, “I did wear a fake vagina though.”

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