Dead Diva/Boom Time Review

From The SF Bay Guardian

January 18, 2006
By Robert Avila

The idea of having a former Kid in the Hall open SF Sketchfest (which took satisfyingly bizarre flight last year with Bruce McCulloch) has become something of a very cool trend with this year’s appearance by Dave Foley. Actually, Foley was there more as charmingly unprepared MC and proud co-father of the headline piece, “Dead Diva, a.k.a. ‘The Tribute.’ ” A fun, sassy lounge act featuring singer-performer-writers Tracy De Nisi, Crissy Guerrero, Laura Milligan, and Pinky Turzo, “Diva” follows four bitchy backup singers getting their pathetic lives back together for one last shot at fame (in the wake of a wake none of them bothered to attend). Opening the show was an intermittently successful local trio, Boomtime (Moshe Kasher, Alex Koll, and Brent Weinbach), who like to dance around in their underwear a lot, which is OK, but whose best bit might have been when they were all offstage doing voices for the disembodied comedy heads of the future. The fifth annual Sketchfest sports another impressive lineup this year – notable returns by Upright Citizens Brigade members (and friends), the LA duo Hard ‘n Phirm, and SF’s Kasper Hauser – with the slew of tempting local and national acts including Will Franken, New York City’s Naked Babies (featuring the Daily Show’s Rob Corddry), and a tribute to Mr. Show‘s Bob Odenkirk and David Cross.

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