S.F. Sketchfest Has Only Gotten Bigger And Better Since Its 2002 Inaugural Season

From The SF Bay Guardian

January 26, 2006
By Robert Avila

S.F. Sketchfest has only gotten bigger and better since its 2002 inaugural season. This year’s lineup, which wraps up this week, features an outstanding selection of local and national acts, capped by a tribute to, and conversation with,Saturday Night Live and San Francisco State University alum Dana Carvey. When Canadian Bruce McCulloch (of The Kids in the Hall ) headlined on opening weekend, things even got modestly international. (He also rocked.) Opening for McCulloch (and so, I guess, representing America) was the smart and seriously funny Los Angeles-based musical comedy duo of Hard ‘n Phirm, who came back to join in McCulloch’s spry musical encore. Among local groups performing this year, the inimitable four-man ensemble Kasper Hauser (who also appear this weekend) opened for headliner Demetri Martin with some ferocious new material, and performances as tight and unsettling as Boy Scout uniforms on grown men. As for Martin, the acclaimed New York comedian did not disappoint either, meandering through a long, easygoing set in which he proved genuinely off-the-cuff funny as well as the one-liner meister.

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