Praise The Gods And Goddesses Of High-Volume Guffaws And Cackles — S.F. Sketchfest Is Back

From The SF Bay Guardian

January 5, 2005
By Cheryl Eddy

‘PRAISE THE GODS and goddesses of high-volume guffaws and cackles – S.F. Sketchfest, also known as the San Francisco Sketch Comedy Festival, is back for the fourth straight year, unfurling a month’s worth of local and national acts, often stacked into juicy double and triple features. An “Opening Night Cabaret” (Thurs/13) highlights San Francisco favorites Killing My Lobster, Kasper Hauser, and host Joe Klocek; Santa Cruz’s Prank the Dean; and Los Angeles-based duos Clifford and Kidd and Hard ‘n Phirm. You want big-time famous folks? Check out the tribute to Saturday Night Live veteran Dana “Chopping Broccoli” Carvey; an evening with Kids in the Hall -er Bruce McCulloch; and lit star Dave Eggers, who’ll chat with editors and writers from the Onion. Also on tap: Dan “Homer Simpson” Castellaneta and his Totally Looped group, who rocked the house in 2004 with their improvising-live-dialogue-to-old-film-clips routine; cartoonist Dan Piraro and his ” Bizarro Roadshow Humor Thing”; and rapid-fire tag-team twins the Sklar Brothers, of ESPN’s Cheap Seats fame. But even if you’ve never heard of the group you’ve got a ticket to see (obligatory sampling of wacky names: Olde English, Burglars of Hamm, Lucky Ham, Something with Genitals, Lloyd Dobbler’s Boombox), you’re basically guaranteed a sidesplitting night out – thanks to S.F. Sketchfest’s organizers, who’ve proved to be eagle-eyed connoisseurs of funny, funny stuff. See Stage listings for this week’s schedule. Jan. 13-30. Eureka Theatre, 215 Jackson, S.F. (Dana Carvey and Dave Eggers events at Cobb’s Comedy Club, 915 Columbus, S.F.) $10-$25. (415) 835-3166,

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