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From SF Gate

January 8, 2003
By Beth Lisick

The woman’s mouth was agape. She was watching New York sketch-comedy group Upright Citizens Brigade at the SF Sketchfest last Saturday night at the Eureka Theatre, and she was outraged. Looking back and forth from her companion to the stage as Upright Citizen Ian Roberts led the crowd in haranguing a Jewish audience member, she leaned over and whispered in her friend’s ear, grimacing. Annoyed, he shot back, “It’s part of the show! The guy’s a plant!” Nevertheless, a few moments later, she was dragging him up the aisle to the exit. Bummer for him, but it was cool to see comedy can do that to a person.

And the three members of the UCB (their fourth member, Amy Poehler, is now on “Saturday Night Live”) went on to deliver an incredible hourlong set, one that festival organizers say was different each of the five times they performed last weekend. They managed to tie together a series of separate sketches about whale vaginas, white Rastafarians and Björk. UCB is back home by now, but the SF Sketchfest, with visiting comedy groups from Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Montreal, Portland and Seattle, goes on all month.

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