Xander Deveaux

Xander Deveaux Is an asshole. Since starting comedy in 2011 in the mustache-riddled atrocity that is Portland, Oregon, has gone on to win 3 amateur comedy contests, became the youngest finalist ever in the Portland’s Funniest Person Contest at Helium Comedy Club, won his round of the Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction Show with his throbbing take on “The Wonder Years”, occasionally writes for The Portland Mercury, and has performed on several festivals such as:

2012 PDX Pride Festival
2012 San Francisco Comedy & Burrito Festival
2013 ‘Mo Wave Festival
2013 Improlympia Festival
2013 Bridgetown Comedy Festival
2013 Cape Fear Comedy Festival
2013 Sacramento Comedy Festival
2014 SF Sketchfest

In June of 2013, at the ripe age of 22 (and at the beginning of his 7th? bulimia/drug/alcohol fueled breakdown) Xander released his debut album “Obsessive Repulsive”. The album has been met with a general feeling of positive indifference from audiences and critics alike. The Portland Mercury hailed it as being “Unpolished yet charismatic”, the Seattle based publication Wonder and Risk noted that “as an album it’s imperfect, but lots of fun.”, and LA Based Comedian Brock Wilbur stated “He’s kinetic and dangerous…. And perfectly within his element on this recording.” The album is available for $9.99 on Itunes, but he would rather you download it (FOR THE PRICE OF YOUR OWN CHOOSING) at Xanderdeveaux.bandcamp.com. If you do download and enjoy his album, you can look forward to seeing him perform entirely new material that consists of more intellectual dick jokes than the ones featured on the record.

Xander produces and performs on several shows in the Pacific NW that you can keep up with at his website, XanderDeveaux.Com. He can also be seen in other places too and stuff.


SF Sketchfest Stands Up
Friday, January 31st, 8pm, Brava Studio BUY TICKETS

Cynic Cave with George Chen and Kevin O’Shea
Saturday, February 1st, 8pm, Cinecave at Lost Weekend 21+ BUY TICKETS