Will Franken

Teatime Cowboy: Will Franken’s Farewell Before Riding Off To England!

Will Franken is an astounding character comedian who makes almost everyone else in his field look like lazy chancers, writes the UK comedy website Chortle. Fresh from a highly-successful debut at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe — which garnered him the accolade of being one of the 15 best reviewed shows of the entire festival according to The British Comedy Guide — and on his way back to London to begin a run at the prestigious Soho Theatre, Will Franken bids farewell this year to the city that gave him his name, San Francisco. A self-described one-man American Monty Python, Franken has appeared on BBC America’s World Stands Up, Montreal’s Just For Laughs festival, Marc Maron’s WTF, as well as having been dubbed “Best Comedian” and “San Francisco’s Patron Saint of Misrule” by the SF Weekly and “Best Alternative to Psychedelic Drugs” by the SF Bay Guardian. A quick-change, absurdo-satirist of critical renown, Franken is also the producer and star of the acclaimed comedy podcast series, Things We Did Before Reality. When he isn’t doing comedy, he likes to do comedy. That’s all he can do, actually. As a normal human being, he’s completely without function. What elevates Mr. Franken above your garden-variety comedian is an erudite wit and a highly-developed sense of the absurd¬†(New York Times).


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Teatime Cowboy: Will Franken’s Farewell Before Riding Off to England!
Sunday, February 10th, 8pm, Eureka Theatre