Vince Mancini

Vince Mancini is a central Californian living in San Francisco, a writer, comedian, TV presenter, and the founding editor of  You can also find his work in IFC, Maxim, and the Portland Mercury. With a wealth of relevant work experience, Vince has been previously employed as a barista (that’s Italian for ‘Loser’), a Chinese food chef, a forklift driver, an adult film editor, and a handsome secret agent with a sweet yet masculine scent.  One time he went to UC San Diego, and currently, his business card describes him as a ‘Pop and Locksmith’.  (On a serious note, he has an MFA in creative writing from Columbia too, in case you want to hire him to write something.  The man has integrity, but he’s not allergic to cash money).  In 2010, he became a correspondent for IFC’s The Grid, contributing segments covering the world of independent film.

Vince has won many awards for his work, including first place at the 6th grade spelling bee and a lollipop from the barber for sitting still.


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