Vagina Jones

Vagina Jones is an all-female Improv team that hails from the foggy streets of San Francisco, CA. Vagina Jones is the first all-woman Improv team to be birthed from San Fransico’s EndGames Improv community. In addition to performing regularly with EndGames, Vagina Jones is the house team for San Francisco’s first ever, monthly all female jam night. Members have studied and performed at IO Chicago; The Annoyance Theatre; Second City, Chicago; Comedy Sportz; and Upright Citizens Brigade – NYC, with festival appearances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival; The Del Close Marathon (NYC); LA Improv Festival; Sacramento Comedy Festival; San Francisco Improv Festival; SF Sketchfest; The Nashville Improv Invasion; The Duke City Improv Festival (Albuquerque); A Jangleheart Circus (Chicago); and The Milky Way Improv Festival (Roseville, CA). VJ is a powerhouse of comedic and estrogen infused talent that delivers high-energy, long form Improv that is fun, fast-paced and full of characters! Are you Jonesin’?


SF Sketchfest Improv Showcase
Saturday, February 1st, 8pm, Brava Studio BUY TICKETS

Dark Room Showcase
Saturday, February 8th, 10pm, The Dark Room BUY TICKETS