Tremendosaur Sells Out

After years of making no money in comedy they believed in, Tremendosaur has decided to sell out. Join them for a farewell to their integrity via brand-new live sketches, product placement, videos, songs, and the crisp, lemon-lime taste of America’s favorite beverage: Sierra Mist.

Tremendosaur is a Los Angeles sketch troupe made up of UCB regulars Justin Michael and Jacob Reed.¬†They’ve written for Comedy Central, Funny or Die, and and have had their work featured on The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, The Washington Post and all over the magical pixels that make up the internet. Praised by LAist as a “two man sketch comedy beast” Tremendosaur combines live and video sketches into delicious hybrid that’ll blow you a kiss and melt your face clean off your skull.


SF Sketchfest in the Mission
Saturday, January 26th, 10pm, The Dark Room