The Realest Real Housewives

The Realest Real Housewives
A staged reading of scenes from a beloved franchise.

Performed by:
Marc Evan Jackson
Natasha Leggero
June Diane Raphael
Danielle Schneider
Nick Thune
Morgan Walsh


It began innocently enough with the Real Housewives of O.C. Then came the brave ladies of New York, then the peaches of Atlanta, the gems of New Jersey, the titans of D.C., the delicate flowers of Beverly Hills and finally the class acts of Miami…

These women, these HOUSEWIVES, are national treasures. They will not be ignored. On August 30th we will salute them. Their finest moments will be reenacted by thespians, in whose gifted hands their stories can finally be heard.

We dedicate this important night of theatre to Andy Cohen and all the faceless, nameless women and men watching in the dark. You are not alone.

One small request? Don’t be tardy to this party. Holla!


Friday, January 24th, 8pm, Eureka Theatre SOLD OUT!