The Chris Gethard Show



Hello residents of the Bay Area of California!

On February 7th, the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia will begin.

On February 8th, New York public access cult hit The Chris Gethard Show will take to the stage of the Eureka Theater in your fine city and we will stage a BETTER, COOLER, MORE WATCHABLE Winter Olympics that you, a Bay Area comedy nerd, will be able to truly enjoy.

Let’s face it – the Winter Olympics are lame, lame, lame. There are like four cool events. The Summer Olympics straight up SMOKE the Winter Olympics in every conceivable way. Speed Skating? Come on. 100 Yard Dash. Figure Skating? Why does figure skating pre-empt all the real tv we know any love? Put our real TV back on! Curling is pretty rad, but if you ask me, that is about IT.

We will take traditional Winter Olympic sporting events and SUBVERT and CORRUPT them so they fit the vibe of our traditionally fucked up public access television show. We will ask for three audience volunteers. Those audience volunteers will pick members of the TCGS cast to compete in these events on their behalf. Whichever audience member wins the most events will get the GOLD MEDAL. The loser gets the lowly BRONZE MEDAL. The sad middle child will get the silver, but no one will care or remember.

The cast for this very special one time only event will consist of –

Chris Gethard
Shannon O’Neill
Murf “The Scourge of Gimghoul” Meyer
The Human Fish
Vacation Jason
The Hintmaster
Audience Member With a Sleeping Baby

The special judge/commentator for this event will be noted TCGS note giver and critic, JAKE FOGELNEST.

Music will be provided by the greatest house band in TCGS history, the LLC!

Rumors abound that there may be a special appearance by future Olympic gold medalist CONNOR RATLIFF as well as a rare appearance by the one TCGS character who ONLY appears on road shows and never on the show itself, ELECTRO-MIME!

This will be one week after the whole TCGS gang films our pilot for Comedy Central, so we will be cracked out, suffering from PTSD, and in the mood for fun! We sincerely hope to see you there. Tell two friends – maybe you can introduce someone new to our bizarre world!


Saturday February 8, 8pm at The Eureka Theater BUY TICKETS